2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 / GT350R Driven: Ford Moves the Muscle Car to a Higher Order  Aug 28th, 2015 
We’ve been here before. We’ve stared down the barrel of a twin-striped Mustang with more than 500 horsepower and the name of a Texas chicken farmer across its fanny. The last one, the 2013 Shelby GT500, had 662 horsepower, in fact, and was said to go over 200 mph. It didn’t, not for us, anyway. […] 
The Refreshed Chrysler 300 SRT Is Hot—But It’s Officially Dead for North America  Aug 28th, 2015 
The mainstream Chrysler 300 lineup received a thorough update for 2015 with nary a peep about the nuclear-grade SRT version. While that was a clear message that the burliest 300 was truly buried in North America—our sources also said as much last year—multiple sightings of refreshed 300 SRTs testing in the U.S. sowed confusion and seemed to indicate otherwise. Well, the answer is now […] 
The Refreshed Chrysler 300 SRT Is Hot—But It’s Officially Dead for North America  Aug 28th, 2015 
Ventura Vintage Rods Return to Channel Islands Harbor for Harbor Run 25  Aug 28th, 2015 
More than 300 Classic Cars on Display - Free to Public 
2016 BMW 7-series / 750i xDrive – First Drive Review  Aug 27th, 2015 
How to Jump Start a Car in 13 Easy Steps [Sponsored]  Aug 27th, 2015 
Whether it’s the rattling that comes and goes with the moon phases, a timing belt that obeys only changes in barometric pressure, or the sudden flickering of that dreaded check engine light, certain car problems require the professional experience and honest technical knowledge only a mechanic can bring. This doesn’t mean you should be afraid […] 
Cheap(er) Thrills: 2016 Subaru BRZ Sees Price Decrease  Aug 27th, 2015 
Buy a 2016 BRZ and Subaru will throw in a free 32-inch LED TV or a fancy dinner for two in Manhattan. Okay, so there’s not actually an incentive program like that on the car, but the cost of such things is what buyers of this lightweight, rear-wheel-drive sports car will save on the 2016 model versus the […] 
2015 Toyota Prius Reviewed: 50 mpg Isn’t Easy  Aug 27th, 2015 
Overview: Combine an engine, an electric motor, and a battery pack and you get the hybrid car, a chimeric mixed-breed vehicle that has existed since the late 19th century but which never got much mainstream traction until Toyota gave us the Prius 15 years ago. This third-generation model arrived in 2010, which is the last […] 
2016 BMW 750i xDrive First Drive: A Luxury Barge with Several Barges’ Worth of Features  Aug 27th, 2015 
Luxury is a great intangible. There’s no formal test to detect it or means of measuring it. It’s nothing but an impression and, as such, can lack real substance. But BMW’s new 2016 7-series has plenty of substance, starting with the very substances from which it’s constructed. READ MORE ›› 
2015 Toyota Prius – Quick-Take Review  Aug 27th, 2015 
TVR’s 2017 Sports Car Is Sold Out Despite Not Existing Yet  Aug 27th, 2015 
TVR is back from the dead, again, again, and its already having some sales success—despite the fact that it doesn’t actually have a car yet. That’s the word from Autocar, which reports that the newly revived British sports car company has accepted deposits for every car it plans to build in 2017. All 250 of […] 
Digital Air Strike Adds to Management Team  Aug 27th, 2015 
Susan Burke joins Digital Air Strike as vice president of OEM partnerships and Beth Kelly will serve as vice president of client results. 
Consumer Complaints Hit 677,000, CFPB Reports  Aug 27th, 2015 
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has received more than 677,000 consumer complaints as of August 1, according to the bureau’s monthly consumer complaints snapshot. The biggest increase was in credit reporting complaints. 
Ford’s Voodoo V-8 Is the Most Interesting Engine of the Year  Aug 27th, 2015 
From the September 2015 issue The new rev-happy 5.2-liter V-8 in the Mustang Shelby GT350 is one of the most compelling reasons to visit a Ford dealership in 2016. Code-named Voodoo and sharing its basic architecture with the Mustang GT’s 435-hp, 5.0-liter Coyote engine, this new powerplant is an altogether wilder animal, producing 526 horsepower […] 
The Ultimate Automotive-Themed Watches [Sponsored]  Aug 27th, 2015 
Gearheads have an almost irrational attraction to fine timepieces; there’s something about wearing a minuscule mechanical movement that captures the imaginations (and wallets) of countless car fiends. Perhaps it’s the wonderment of miniaturization, or the way a ticking watch serves as a perfect sub-scale metaphor for a pulsing engine and whirring gearbox. Whatever the reason, […] 
2017 Kia Sportage Breaks Free, Shows Off New Face  Aug 27th, 2015 
Kia’s all-new Sportage crossover will make its full, specifications-and-details debut at the 2015 Frankfurt auto show in September, but the automaker is releasing photos of the production model a few weeks early. Like pretty much every other modern Kia, the new Sportage looks fresh, handsome, and upscale. Designed under the watch of Hyundai-Kia’s head of […] 
Ford’s Voodoo V-8 Is the Most Interesting Engine of the Year  Aug 27th, 2015 
Your Trash Might Be Someone's Treasure  Aug 27th, 2015 
The Bottom Line on Hidden Treasures 
Exceptional Conceptual: The Greatest Concept Cars of All Time, Volume I  Aug 26th, 2015 
A by-no-means-exhaustive look at some of history's greatest automotive flights of fancy. 
Dodge’s Future: Alfa-Based Barracuda Convertible, New Charger Sedan Coming Soon  Aug 26th, 2015 
Fiat-Chrysler’s dealer meeting in Las Vegas has turned up a lot of news, some of which we saw coming and some of which we didn’t. Among the drool-worthy tidbits are those pertaining to Dodge, and what’s to become of its Charger sedan and the long-rumored Barracuda. (The ’Cuda pictured here is our artist’s rendering first published in […] 
Jaguar Releases Details, Single Photo of F-Pace Crossover Before Frankfurt Debut  Aug 26th, 2015 
Jaguar is late to the luxury-crossover game, but the new F-Pace crossover will pounce onto the scene next month, making its official debut at the Frankfurt auto show before hitting dealerships sometime during 2016 as a 2017 model. Jaguar isn’t waiting, however, to release a few details about the new cat’s claws—its chassis—as well as […] 
Ford Ranger May Return to U.S. By 2018, For Reals  Aug 26th, 2015 
Compact-pickup buyers began pining for a new version of the venerable Ford Ranger as soon as the robots welded the trucks’ final frames four years ago, and you can count us among that lot. Now, according to anonymous big mouths in the Detroit News, Ford is not only planning to bring the global-market Ranger to America, but wants to […] 
Apple CarPlay vs. Android Auto: We Test the Most Hyped Software of the Year  Aug 26th, 2015 
From the September 2015 issue The term “infotainment,” despite being a marketing portmanteau that makes our eyes roll, does neatly sum up the increasing variety of human-machine interfaces that dominates today’s dashboards. Now, Silicon Valley has leapt into the infotainment fray with technology that promises to simplify the often contentious relationship between man and modern […] 
Jeep Confirms Hellcat-Powered Grand Cherokee to Dealers, Reveals 0–60 Time  Aug 26th, 2015 
Jeep gave its U.S. dealers a sneak peek at the hottest machine in its upcoming lineup: the Hellcat-powered Grand Cherokee SRT Trackhawk. Yes, it’s real. The Hellcat-ified Grand Cherokee, which we’ve been telling you about for a while now, was shown to Fiat-Chrysler dealers during the automaker’s annual dealership meeting in Las Vegas yesterday, Automotive […] 
Depreciation Expected to Accelerate, Black Book/Fitch Report  Aug 26th, 2015 
The two firms reported this week that overall vehicle depreciation is expected to reach between 14% and 14.5% by the end of the year. 
Timing of Labor Day to Drive Down August Sales by 4%, KBB Predicts  Aug 26th, 2015 
Because of the timing of Labor Day, August new-vehicle sales will not get the boost it got last year from the holiday sales weekend. But KBB analysts still expect August sales to 'remain robust.' 
AUL Corp. Named to “Best Places to Work in the North Bay’ List  Aug 26th, 2015 
AUL Corp. was named one of the North Bay Business Journal’s ‘Best Places to Work in the North Bay,’ the second time the provider of used-vehicle service contracts has earned the distinction. 
Enterprise, Chase to Launch Enterprise Auto Finance  Aug 26th, 2015 
The two companies announced this week a new multi-year, private-label agreement to establish Enterprise Auto Finance, which will be rolled out last this year. 
American Auto Guardian Unveils Consumer-Facing Mobile App  Aug 26th, 2015 
American Auto Guardian has released a new mobile app designed for its agents, dealers and the car-buying public. It interacts with all of the company’s products and allows for mobile contract registration, among other features. 
Meet the L-ATV, the U.S. Military’s Official Humvee Replacement  Aug 26th, 2015 
The U.S. Army and Marine Corps have made their final selection for the replacement to the aging Humvee. Meet the new Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle (L-ATV) built by Oshkosh Defense. The decision caps off a three-year investigational phase in the military branches’ search for a new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV), during which Oshkosh, […] 
Meet the L-ATV, the U.S. Military’s Official Humvee Replacement  Aug 26th, 2015 
Automakers Form Alliance to Fight Car Hacking  Aug 26th, 2015 
It seems like this has been the summer of car hacking, doesn’t it? Between the remote lock hack, the OnStar hack, the encrypted key fob hack, and that major Wired article revealing a remote wireless hack that prompted FCA to recall 1.4 million vehicles, it’s enough to make you want to go back to a horse […] 
ATTENTION HONDA CR-Z FANS: Photos Leaked of Facelifted 2016 Model  Aug 26th, 2015 
Great news for all those Honda CR-Z intenders out there: The hybrid hatch is getting refreshed for 2016 with a host of cosmetic upgrades. As befits a car that captured 0.2 percent of Honda’s total U.S. sales through July, the CR-Z is responding to demand by not overexerting itself. The photo here, leaked alongside an interior shot by the Chinese […] 
Formula Márquez: Honda’s 2&4 Frankfurt Concept is a MotoGP-Powered Open-Wheeled Street Car  Aug 26th, 2015 
When Honda unveiled the production version of its RC213V-S earlier this year, some in the motorcycle press were let down. Instead of pushing the boundaries of sportbike possibility, Honda essentially put lights on Marc Márquez’s MotoGP bike and slapped on a $184,000 price tag. Bear in mind, this is something akin to Benz putting lights […] 
Consumers Are Rejecting Entertainment, Connectivity Technologies, Report Finds  Aug 26th, 2015 
J.D. Power found that even Gen Y vehicle owners aren't finding the latest in-car entertainment and connectivity features useful. What consumers want are features that enhance the driving experience and safety. 
How We’d Spec It: The Classic, Everyday 526-hp 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350  Aug 25th, 2015 
Ever since Ford discontinued the epic Mustang Boss 302, we’ve been hunting for a hardcore, track-focused Mustang like it was an apex. With the introduction of the new Shelby GT350 and GT350R, the direct descendants of the Boss 302 and the Boss 302 Laguna Seca models, the wait is finally over. Whereas the old Boss Mustangs […] 
How We’d Spec It: The Classic, Everyday 526-hp 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350  Aug 25th, 2015 
This Vintage Ford Mustang I Concept Promo Film Is a Retro-Kitsch Delight [Video]  Aug 25th, 2015 
If there’s one area where the big three held an undisputed lead in in the postwar-era, it’s the art of self-promotion. Sales were strong and consumer confidence was high, and the industry wasn’t about to let the nation’s voracious appetite for anything automotive go underserved. While auto shows, plus television and print advertising, satiated casual observers, promotional […] 
David Beattie Makes the World’s Most Extravagant and Realistic Slot-Car Tracks [Sponsored]  Aug 25th, 2015 
Garage Mahals: Over-the-Top Dream Garages [Sponsored]  Aug 25th, 2015 
We drive cars only about four percent of the time we own them. When parked, the luckiest cars spend their days in special garages, unique combinations of man caves, living rooms, and museums—the second-most passionate rooms in our houses. Car collectors with cool garages tell us that they would never wake up in the morning […] 
Dropping Democracy: How the Army Yanks a Humvee Out of a Plane and Drives It Away 750 Feet Later  Aug 25th, 2015 
From the September 2015 issue The car is the ultimate mobility tool—right up until impassable terrain or enemy combatants come between you and your destination. Then you need a vehicle strapped to a parachute and packed into the back of a plane. The United States Army, perhaps the world’s foremost authority on getting wheels on […] 
No More Gettin’ Handsy: Cadillac’s Super Cruise Won’t Require Touching the Wheel  Aug 25th, 2015 
Over the last couple of years, we’ve spent a fair bit of time fooling around with Mercedes-Benz’s Distronic Plus With Steering Assist. Though we’ve experimented with other semi-autonomous systems, the Mercedes system currently seems to be the most predictable and confidence-inducing. The downside? The red hands that light up, reminding you to put your hands […] 
2016 BMW X1: The Least-Expensive BMW Crossover Is Kind of Expensive  Aug 25th, 2015 
As if the encroachment of front-wheel-drive-based platforms into the BMW fold weren’t enough, the new, front-drive-based 2016 X1 is also more expensive than the rear-drive-based X1 it replaces. It really isn’t as bad as it sounds, as competitors such as the Mercedes-Benz GLA-class and the Audi Q3 are also based on humble front-drive underpinnings and are priced […] 
2016 BMW X1: The Least-Expensive BMW Crossover Is Kind of Expensive  Aug 25th, 2015 
2015 BMW 228i Convertible Tested: BMW’s Lowest-Priced Droptop  Aug 25th, 2015 
Some domestic cats regard parked convertibles as feline hammocks, a great place to nap while depositing furry evidence. Pro detailing tip: Stash one of those sticky lint rollers in the glove box alongside the sunblock, bandana, and hairbrush. Especially if the convertible has a nice fabric top like that on the BMW 228i tested here. […] 
2015 BMW 228i Convertible – Instrumented Test  Aug 25th, 2015 
David Beattie Makes the World’s Most Extravagant and Realistic Slot-Car Tracks [Sponsored]  Aug 25th, 2015 
2008 was a pivotal year for David Beattie. Staring down middle age and burned out on the corporate scene, Beattie took a leap of faith and turned his hobby of making custom slot-car tracks in to a full-time vocation, setting up shop under the Slot Mods moniker. Considered a risky venture even by those with […] 
Garage Mahals: Over-the-Top Dream Garages [Sponsored]  Aug 25th, 2015 
NHTSA’s New Boss on Why the Safety Agency Needs a Bigger Stick  Aug 25th, 2015 
From the September 2015 issue Just as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) was about to close the books on 2014, a year in which a record number of cars were recalled, it underwent a change in leadership. On December 22, Mark R. Rosekind, a former NASA researcher and member of the National Transportation […] 
Google Patent Filing Takes on Potholes  Aug 25th, 2015 
Potholes are hardly the worst effect of our nation’s crumbling infrastructure but they certainly are some of the most annoying. Google just patented a system that might help to solve the problem, or at the very least take the first step. As outlined in a patent awarded earlier this month, Google’s system is actually a […] 
ACSI: Customer Satisfaction Weakens as Recalls Continue  Aug 25th, 2015 
The American Customer Satisfaction Index showed declines for most automakers, with imports topping domestic brands. The nameplate with the highest score was Toyota’s Lexus. 
DealerSuccess Launches Online Deal Tool  Aug 25th, 2015 
DealerSuccess announced the launch of Virtual Deal, an online deal creator that uses DMS-integrated technology to give consumers the option to work an entire deal online. 
DealerSocket Report Offers Tips On How to Thrive in Slow-Growth Times  Aug 25th, 2015 
DealerSocket released its annual Dealership Action Report, which emphasized the importance of formal, technology-driven processes to thrive and increase profitability during slow periods. 
F&I and Showroom Announces 2015 F&I Pacesetters  Aug 25th, 2015 
This year’s field consists of operations from Florida, Indiana, Kansas, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. One of them will be named the 2015 F&I Dealer of the Year at the magazine's annual conference, scheduled for Sept. 8-10 at the Paris Las Vegas. 
NHTSA Investigating Jeep Grand Cherokee for Rolling When Parked  Aug 25th, 2015 
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced late Monday that it will open a preliminary investigation into 408,000 2014–2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs, after receiving several complaints about the vehicles rolling away after being shifted into park. The Detroit News reports that NHTSA has received 14 complaints describing incidents where a Grand Cherokee has rolled […] 
Rejoice, Miami! Mercedes to Unveil S-Class Cabriolet at Frankfurt Auto Show  Aug 24th, 2015 
Two years ago at the Frankfurt auto show, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the S-class Coupe Concept, a ridiculously lovely thing meant to bring back the glory days of the personal luxury coupe. We’d say it succeeded. Blessed with all the goodness of today’s excellent Sonderklasse and wrapped in the sort of skin one might find in a […] 
How to Change a Blown Fuse in Your Car in 8 Easy Steps [Sponsored]  Aug 24th, 2015 
Whether it’s the rattling that comes and goes with the moon phases, a timing belt that obeys only changes in barometric pressure, or the sudden flickering of that dreaded check engine light, certain car problems require the professional experience and honest technical knowledge only a mechanic can bring. This doesn’t mean you should be afraid […] 
U.K. Kicking America’s Butt When It Comes to Ford Mustang V-8 Take Rates  Aug 24th, 2015 
After 50 years of standing by while Ford churned out Mustang after Mustang for the States, U.K. buyers can finally buy one of the iconic pony cars all official-like at their friendly neighborhood Ford dealer. And while we get three engine choices here—a turbo four, a V-6, and the mighty 5.0-liter V-8—our friends across the pond […] 
The Next Frontier Edges Closer: New Nissan Navara Pickup Arrives in Europe  Aug 24th, 2015 
After initially launching its new Navara mid-size pickup in Thailand (where they’re crazy for compact pickups, kind of like we were in the 1980s), and later bringing it to Mexico, Nissan is now rolling out the new truck in Europe, which means we’re learning a bit more about our upcoming new Frontier pickup. Aside from […] 
The Next Frontier Edges Closer: New Nissan Navara Pickup Arrives in Europe  Aug 24th, 2015 
She’s What’s Happening: Grace Jones’ Surreal Citroen Commercial [Video]  Aug 24th, 2015 
Over the weekend, the Afropunk festival happened in New York City. Giant banners proclaimed “No sexism, no racism, no ableism, no homophobia, no fatphobia, no transphobia, no hatefulness,” like an expanded version the sign hanging at the door of Berkeley’s 924 Gilman Street. With, you know, a bit of corporate help from Red Bull and […] 
2016 Scion iA: From Mazda With Love  Aug 24th, 2015 
Since its creation in 2002, Scion has relied heavily on other brands’ hand-me-downs. The original Scion lineup, the xA and xB, consisted of a pair of rebadged, Japanese-market Toyotas. The Scion FR-S sports car was developed largely by Subaru. Now, Toyota’s junior brand is bringing Mazda into the fold to supply the first Scion sedan. […] 
2016 Scion iA Manual – Instrumented Test  Aug 24th, 2015 
2016 Dodge Charger and Challenger SRT Hellcat Get More Devilish Pricing  Aug 24th, 2015 
  After re-assessing its sales strategy surrounding the awesome SRT Hellcat variants of the Challenger and Charger for 2016, and increasing production to discourage dealer markups, Dodge is laying out the cars’ new prices. And guess what? The cars are more expensive—quite a bit more expensive, in fact, offsetting somewhat any possible reduction in dealers’ overcharging […] 
2016 Volvo XC90, Nissan Maxima Recalled for Airbag Defects, Fuel Leaks  Aug 24th, 2015 
That whole adage to wait a model year before buying a redesigned car is not without truth, even in the days of highly computerized quality control. To that point: The all-new 2016 Volvo XC90 and 2016 Nissan Maxima, only months in production, have been recalled for two fairly serious problems, one related to faulty airbags […] 
Chevrolet Cobalt Recalled Again for Airbags, Not Related to Ignition Switch  Aug 24th, 2015 
Some Chevrolet Cobalt owners who repaired their ignition switches must now worry about their cars disabling the airbags again, this time for entirely different reasons. According to filings with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the 2010 Cobalt has wiring harnesses in the doors that were improperly installed at the factory and can cause the […] 
Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Week Reboot Includes STYLE360 Releasing Exciting Celebrity Designer Line Up and New Logo with Kia as Title Sponsor  Aug 24th, 2015 
Annual fashion week showcase STYLE360 is announcing its New York Spring/Summer 2016 dates of September 14 - 17, 2015 as well as one of its most high profile collection of designer fashion shows and parties to date. 
Ford GT Test Mule Spotted on Detroit Freeway [Video]  Aug 21st, 2015 
YouTuber “Dr. Scandalous” caught a pretty amazing sight during what would otherwise have been an everyday Detroit commute: A gnarly looking Ford GT test mule cruising among regular traffic. This is something you don’t see every day—and something that pretty much nobody outside of Ford’s skunkworks has seen before. As first reported by Patrick George […] 
The First Toyota 2000GT to Set a Tire in America Just Sold for $825,000  Aug 21st, 2015 
This is the first 2000GT produced for export to the U.S., and that makes it a very rare and special car. This is Toyota 2000GT chassis No. 10083, the first of its extremely rare breed that was built for export to the U.S. In total, it’s thought that America received 15 percent of the 351 […] 
Another Expert in Self-Driving Cars Heads to Apple, This Time from Tesla  Aug 21st, 2015 
Former Tesla autopilot firmware manager Jamie Carlson has joined Apple’s Special Project division, according to Carlson’s updated LinkedIn profile. Apple is said to be developing a self-driving car and this additional hire seems like a step closer in that direction. The company has been actively seeking a place to test its autonomous-car project, code-named “Project Titan.” […] 
Mitsubishi Mirage Skipping 2016 Model Year, But Like a Phoenix, It Will Rise Again  Aug 21st, 2015 
Typically, when an automaker announces a new model-year lineup and a certain car is absent, it’s assumed that model is being killed off. Take, for example, Nissan’s recent outline of its 2016 model-year lineup, which included mention that the Xterra SUV won’t continue past 2015. Or when Toyota axed the FJ Cruiser. We could go […] 
How to Change Your Vehicle’s Air Filter in 5 Easy Steps [Sponsored]  Aug 21st, 2015 
Whether it’s the rattling that comes and goes with the moon phases, a timing belt that obeys only changes in barometric pressure, or the sudden flickering of that dreaded check engine light, certain car problems require the professional experience and honest technical knowledge only a mechanic can bring. This doesn’t mean you should be afraid […] 
2016 Nissan 370Z – Instrumeted Test  Aug 21st, 2015 
2016 Nissan 370Z Coupe Test: An Analog GT for a Digital World  Aug 21st, 2015 
Other than swapping an ashtray for a cup holder and Datsun badges for Nissan medallions, the Z-car has harkened to the same formula for 46 years. A popularly priced two-seat GT with six-cylinders, a long hood, a short deck, a fastback roofline, and a rear hatch aptly describes both 2016 and 1970 models. That’s Corvette-caliber […] 
78,000 Chrysler 200 Sedans Recalled for Stalling, Engaging Neutral  Aug 21st, 2015 
Fiat-Chrysler is recalling 77,834 Chrysler 200 sedans that can stall or switch into neutral without warning, according to filings with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. On 2015 200 models, a damaged connector inside the fuse and relay box can cause the check engine light to display and then stall the engine or put the […] 
Gould, Romani Discuss Industry Summit's 2015 Program  Aug 21st, 2015 
F&I Trainers Gerry Gould and Fernando Romani discuss Industry Summit's 2015 program ( They also talk about what attendees can expect from their "Actions Speak Louder Than Words" workshop on Wednesday, Sept. 9, at 10:40 a.m. 
Zulu Super Defender: The 475-hp Brute Land Rover Won’t Build  Aug 21st, 2015 
Trust us when we say the Land Rover Defender tilts, leans, dips, and generally dislikes any amount of lateral acceleration. Slow, polite roundabout speeds are about all Her Majesty’s 4×4 is comfortable with. So it is with reservation that we’d recommend this lowered, fat-tired Defender that puts out nearly as much power as our long-term […] 
Chevrolet’s New Camaro Is More Expensive Than Before—Here’s Why That’s Okay  Aug 21st, 2015 
Typically, when a new car is priced several thousand dollars above the base price of its predecessor, it is cause for ire. The fanboys will yowl in protest. Armchair car pricers—if there were such a thing—will declare it a bust, robbery on the highest order. Faces will melt like that guy’s in Indiana Jones: Raiders […] 
Pope Francis to Rock a Jeep Wrangler on U.S. Visit  Aug 21st, 2015 
  On his first-ever U.S. visit—to Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York next month—Pope Francis will wave from a Popemobile created from a Jeep Wrangler, the Vatican has announced. This is not the first time the pontiff has used a Jeep—a four-door Wrangler (seen above) served papal duty on the Pope’s trip to Ecuador in […] 
2016 Chevrolet Camaro Preliminary Configurator Goes Live  Aug 21st, 2015 
Hold your horses, pony-car fans, Chevrolet’s full online configurator for the 2016 Camaro isn’t live—but its more limited-scope, preliminary version is! That means you can go to Chevy’s website and “build” a sixth-generation Camaro coupe or convertible, but your choices are limited to superficial items like paint colors, wheel options, interior treatment, and even some […] 
Chevrolet’s New Camaro Is More Expensive Than Before—Here’s Why That’s Okay  Aug 21st, 2015 
This Is What You Do with Your Three New Supercars [Video]  Aug 20th, 2015 
How many of us members of the hoi polloi bemoan the fact that when someone buys a supercar it never sees a track? That millions of dollars of R&D and lightweight racing material are simply wasted on Sundays-only garage queens? Canadian automotive retailer Pfaff Automotive recently released a video of a private track day held at the Canadian Tire Motorsport […] 
This Barely Legal Mercedes-Benz 190E Cosworth Evo 2 Costs More Than an AMG GT S  Aug 20th, 2015 
After a 25-year lockout, American roads will very soon become subjected to a new level of Euro-racing terror. This 1990 Mercedes-Benz 190E Cosworth Evo 2 has just passed the magic 25-year-old mark, meaning it may be the first of its kind to legally be imported into the United States. While the 190E 2.3 Cosworth was […] 
Wolfgang Dürheimer: Veyron Successor Will Be Faster, No Bugatti SUV Planned  Aug 20th, 2015 
Externally, it appears that there’s a lull at Bugatti. The last Veyron, “La Finale,” was sold before it appeared on the stand at this year’s Geneva motor show. Its successor has not been formally announced, although rumor suggests it will appear at next month’s Frankfurt auto show. In between, there’s been a flurry of activity in […] 
Watch the Alfa Romeo Giulia Testing at the Nürburgring  Aug 20th, 2015 
We are, it’s safe to say, extremely excited about the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia. The tidy rear-drive sports sedan very clearly has BMW in its gunsights—particularly in 510-hp, twin-turbo V-6 Quadrifoglio spec. And from what we’ve heard so far, it’s got a scintillating soundtrack. This Nürburgring video of a lightly camouflaged example only confirms that. […] 
This Barely Legal Mercedes-Benz 190E Cosworth Evo 2 Costs More Than an AMG GTS S  Aug 20th, 2015 
Senators Push Takata to Recall Every Airbag with Ammonium Nitrate  Aug 20th, 2015 
Takata may be forced to recall every airbag manufactured with ammonium nitrate propellant if the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration turns a Congressional request into a formal order. A letter from Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Ed Markey (D-Mass.) urges Takata to recall all of its airbags using the questionable propellant after a side airbag […] 
Watch a 2017 Ford Raptor Prototype in Off-Road Testing  Aug 20th, 2015 
The 2017 Ford Raptor is coming, with its 450-hp twin-turbo EcoBoost V-6 and its 10-speed gearbox and nifty 4×4 drivetrain. But between now and the autumn of 2016, when Ford says the thing will go on sale, there’s still some testing to be done—including shakedowns of an off-road variety. We’ve already seen Ford conducting some […] 
GWC Warranty Updates Online Dealer Portal  Aug 20th, 2015 
GWC Warranty has added educational video content, digital brochures and historical reporting to its online Dealer Portal, which celebrated its one-year anniversary since its launch. 
Used-Car Prices Hit Record High in Second Quarter, Edmunds Reports  Aug 20th, 2015 
Shoppers were increasingly drawn to “near-new” used vehicles with higher price tags in the second quarter, with the average price of a used car increasing 8% from last year, according to Edmunds. 
CU Direct to Launch Custom Auto-Loan Risk Score  Aug 20th, 2015 
Designed by FICO, CU Direct Connect’s new auto-loan risk score will help credit unions make more profitable auto-lending decisions. The new feature will be available in 2015’s third quarter. 
J.D. Byrider Opens New Franchise in Virginia  Aug 20th, 2015 
Used-car sales franchise J.D. Byrider has opened a second dealership in Richmond, Va., the sixth new J.D. Byrider franchise to open in 2015. The company now has 169 locations in 34 states. 
Hackers Crack Key-Fob Encryption Used by More Than 25 Automakers  Aug 20th, 2015 
Modern transponder-equipped car keys are supposed to be ultrasafe: The chip-keys and key fobs communicate with readers inside the car, allowing the car to start only once a secret digital password has been transmitted. But a team of security researchers says they’ve figured out a way to circumvent the system used by some of the […] 
Teaser Sketches Preview the Next Hyundai Elantra  Aug 20th, 2015 
As reported by Carscoops, Hyundai’s South Korean mothership took to Facebook to release design sketches of its upcoming new Avante—the Elantra to us. This teaser comes ahead of the car’s expected debut next month at the Frankfurt auto show. The sketch teaser pretty much validates this shot of a new Elantra that appeared in the […] 
Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3 – Archived Instrumented Test  Aug 20th, 2015 
DealerSocket to Acquire Dealertrack’s Inventory Solution  Aug 20th, 2015 
DealerSocket and Dealertrack have entered into a definitive agreement under which DealerSocket will acquire Dealertrack’s Inventory+ business in an all-cash transaction for approximately $55 million. 
Mad Max Re-Envisioned: Go-Kart and Paintball Insanity Edition [Video]  Aug 19th, 2015 
The genius of Mad Max: Fury Road is that it never loses sight of the renegade spirit that made the first installment of the Mad Max saga such a revelatory work when it debuted in 1979. Working with that same philosophy and distilling it even further, filmmaker Devin Graham, a.k.a. Devin Super Tramp, and his […] 
2015 Roush Ford F-150 Doesn’t Quite Bottle Lightning, But Is Roushier  Aug 19th, 2015 
Splashed on Ford tuner Roush’s website is a quote from founder Jack Roush that states: “Between a road car and a race car there is a Roush car.” Perhaps between a Roush car and a road car, there’s something like a more-or-less stock F-150 pickup with a bunch of cosmetic accessories. Roush is introducing a […] 
10 American Beaches To Drive On This Summer [Sponsored]  Aug 19th, 2015 
Driving on the beach is something of an American tradition. The sprawling sands of the Pacific Northwest served as the area’s coastal highways before roads were built, and stock car races used to buzz Florida’s shores from Daytona Beach to New Smyrna Beach. Even now many beaches across the country still allow driving, both seasonally and year […] 
2015 Mercedes-Benz E400 4MATIC Sedan – Instrumented Test  Aug 19th, 2015 
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